Drawing funds from your facility

We know how important maintaining a steady cash flow is to the success of any construction project. As such we are dedicated to making our drawdown process as transparent and straightforward as possible. The information listed below has been compiled to give you an insight into how this process works. It also details information on what you can do to ensure a smooth and timely drawdown.

Portfolio Management Team

Laurence Robinson

Laurence Robinson

Portfolio Manager | 0203 786 1178

Laurence oversees the loan portfolio for all of our deals. His role is to be the first point of contact for our customers and assist in any area required.

Please contact Laurence if you want to discuss any of the following:

  • Your drawdown
  • Information relating to the status or term of your loan
  • Any issues affecting your loan exit
Gavin Vine

Gavin Vine

Asset Manager | 0203 786 1171

Gavin is involved with management of the portfolio across both development and bridging loans. His role includes drawdowns of funds, review of monthly reports and monitoring of progress towards exit.

Please contact Gavin if you want to discuss any of the following:

  • Your drawdown
  • Information relating to the status or term of your loan
  • Any issues affecting your loan exit
Rebecca Nutt

Rebecca Nutt MRICS

Head of Development Monitoring | 0203 786 1149

Rebecca oversees the monitoring of sites in construction. With regards to portfolio management her role involves the management of monitoring surveyors, the review of monthly monitoring reports and liaising with customers when ‘high risk’ items are flagged by our independent surveyors.

Please contact Rebecca if you want to discuss any of the following:

  • Your drawdown
  • Your monitoring surveyor
  • A site visit from Atelier Capital Partners

Monitoring panel


Steve Jones
Managing Director | 0207 399 0888

Jamie Dutton
Director | 0161 831 6180

Pride Consulting

Blane Perrotton
Managing Director | 0776 603 4530

Paragon Building Surveys

Robert Kendall
Director | 0207 125 0112


Mark Searle
Director | 0161 241 1444

Standard drawdown procedures

Our aim is to release drawdown monies within 5 days of receiving your monitoring surveyor’s report. Typically, we expect the process from monitor’s site visit to release of funds to take no longer than 10 days. The timeline below shows the key phases in this process.

ACP Standard drawdown procedures

* Release of funds within 5 days is dependent on there being no significant issues highlighted within the IMS report.

Tips for a simple drawdown

  • Prior to your project commencing fix monthly site inspection dates with your monitoring surveyor for the duration of the construction works. This ensures that the receipt of drawdown monies will be timely.
  • Ask your monitoring surveyor what paperwork will be required on a monthly basis and ensure that this is issued prior to, or on the day of, the monthly site inspection. Delays in provision of paperwork is the most common reason for drawdown delays. Examples of paperwork required by the monitoring surveyor is likely to include:
    • a. current programme
    • b. current cashflow
    • c. building control inspector’s most recent report
    • d. build warranty inspector’s most recent report
    • e. invoices relating to your drawdown request
    • f. most recent Health and Safety audit report
    • g. planning discharge notifications
    • h. copies of renewal insurance policies
    • i. vesting certificates
  • Please note that Atelier Capital Partners will always require a vesting certificate for goods held off site e.g. for timber frames or windows that are being manufactured prior to delivery. In order to ensure a timely release of funds make sure that this certificate is provided to the monitoring surveyor together with your drawdown claim.
  • Non-compliance with current site health and safety standards will delay the release of funds as Atelier Capital Partners can only lend on sites which meet current regulations. In their monthly reports monitoring surveyors provide commentary on site safety and welfare provision. Some of the many points they review are listed below:
    • Notification of works to the HSE and display of F10 on site.
    • Suitable welfare facilities including shelter and WC provision for employees.
    • Suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn by all workers.
    • Condition of site.
    • Security of boundary fencing.

The website for the Health and Safety Executive ( provides a wealth of information for all types and sizes of construction sites. We recommend that this site is reviewed and appropriate measures taken to meet current health and safety standards prior to any works commencing.

Useful forms/templates

A drawdown notice template can be found by clicking here

Get in touch with any questions

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