Why choose us

Lending short term. Thinking long term.

We are a lending partner to innovative SME property developers around the UK, providing them with the firepower and financial peace of mind that only an institutional lender can.

We’re firm believers that SME property developers are not just key to getting the required number of homes built but can do so in a way that creates minimum environmental impact and maximum aesthetic — and always with the interests of the local community at heart.

Our lending is built around solutions, not products, which provides enhanced flexibility in the way we look at applications. We start with the destination and work back from there.

Not only is our team one of the most experienced within short-term property finance, they are backed by one of the world’s leading asset managers, M&G.



Bespoke lending solutions, not loan products.

Our promise:
- understand the borrower’s goals
- identify all the potential risks
- create tailored loan structures
- price fairly and transparently



If we say we will lend, we will lend.

Our promise:
- stable and reliable capital
- clearly defined risk appetite
- no late underwriting surprises
- To stick to our initial lending decisions



We strive to process loans as frictionlessly as possible.

Our promise:
- proportionate underwriting
- access to senior decision makers
- open communication lines
- Rapid completion times